Maybird Classic Sailing

Maybird in print

Tracing the origins of Maybird

Yachting and Boating Weekly 7th June 1972
Short article about Maybird leaving Berthon’s yard at Lymington after 20 years and embarking on the voyage to New Zealand.

The Gisborne Herald, Thursday, 17th January 1974
Adventures on the High Seas – A ‘Dream’ Trip
Front page article about the Armstrong family’s voyage on Maybird from the UK to New Zealand. Lots of good quotes and a good picture of David and Jen Armstrong with their three children, Natasha 6 ½ years, Kate 4 ½ years and Barclay 2 ½ years. David’s parents lived in Gisborne and so he sailed Maybird there from Auckland shortly after they returned.

Wooden Boat, No 9 March – April 1976 MAYA by George Day
George Day’s account of sailing on Maybird with the Armstrong and Mill families from Tahiti to New Zealand

Wooden Boat No 16 May – June 1977
To each his Own by George Day
George Day’s assessment of the sailing and sea keeping qualities of Maybird compared to Jose pha, a 30’ Tahiti ketch built between 1937 and 1940 in Essex, Connecticut. Day sailed on both craft and in the final analysis opts for Maybird (Phew!).

Yachting World – September 1973
Cruising Tahiti’s Islands by Gordon Sillars
An account of sailing on Maybird in Tahiti and Bora Bora during a stopover on her voyage to New Zealand in 1973. Idyllic stuff with lots of good pictures.

Classic Boat No 260 February 2010
Classic Charter Guide 2010 Just a brief mention together with a photograph but it is a start!

National Historic Ships
Maybird is included on the National Register of Historic Vessels of the United Kingdon – Certificate number 2316 dated 18th January, 2010. On their website you can find further details and photographs of Maybird.

British Classic Yacht Club
Maybird is a member of BCYC and further details about her can be found on their website -

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