Maybird Classic Sailing

Mrs Maya Martin

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Maya Martin's flag

Research is ongoing with regard to Maya Martin. Her legal ownership of Maybird was from 1944 to 1947. Although not proven yet, it is likely that she was the wife of Major E T Martin, DSO. She was definitely a keen sailor and was a member of the Royal Gourock Sailing Club and also The Island Sailing Club and had her own unique flag, a copy of which is in the 1946 edition of Lloyds Register of Yachts. Maybird’s name was changed to Maya in 1942 when Major E T Martin was her owner. The name change to Maya, the two hearts on the flag and the common surname ‘Martin’ all point towards husband and wife but this is not proven yet. The last reference found so far for Maya Martin is that in 1951 we believe she was living at the Rocquaine Hotel, Torteval, Guernsey. Whether or not she was Hawkes’ niece Mabella and together with her sister, possibly nicknamed ‘Birdie’, Maybird is a combination of their names currently remains a mystery.

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