Maybird Classic Sailing


Tracing the origins of Maybird
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Tyrrell's Carpenters in the 60’s

Maybird’s provenance includes four exceptional individuals closely associated with our sailing and maritime heritage.

Lt. Col. WCW Hawkes, DSO, commissioned Fred Shepherd and his assistant, Fred Parker, to design his dream sailing yacht. Shepherd, the doyen of pre-war British designers, was at the height of his fame in 1937.

The choice of Tyrrell’s as the builder is no surprise. Hawkes’ Anglo-Irish ancestry, his childhood in Cork, Tyrrell’s reputation for building seaworthy craft, together with lower labour costs than a south coast yard, would have been factors in the choice of builder. Between them, Hawkes, Shepherd, Parker and Tyrrell collaborated to create a living testament to good design and craftsmanship - Maybird.

Jack Tyrrell's yard in the 1960's

Tyrrell's yard in the 50's

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